Text Message Marketing


Why Text Message Marketing?

You've probably noticed: people are glued to their mobile devices more than ever.Maybe that's why it's easy to see how mobile marketing is becoming the most powerful force in connecting businesses to their clients.

Whether it's for shopping, web-surfing, or socializing - the average person looks at their phone 150 times per day. A mobile marketing strategy is no longer something small businesses should choose to ignore. It's literally the closest you can get to your customer.

Text message marketing is simply the easiest and fastest way to connect with your customers. 98% of text messages are opened and read within 3 minutes.

Text marketing can work for just about any type of business. It's a simple and affordable way to drive customers into your store, reduce missed appointments, build customer loyalty, attract new customers, and increase revenue! It's easy to implement into your traditional advertising strategy, and has a track record that speaks for itself.

A recent study showed that text message marketing produces engagement rates 6 to 8 times higher than email marketing.

At FourOFive, we educate our clients on different ways they can interact with their customers through their mobile devices. We work with our clients to develop an effective mobile strategy and offer many different options with our services - including a top-notch user-friendly text messaging platform. Our platform allows you to reach your customers through text alerts, appointment reminders, voting, polling, QR codes, text-to-win, trivia, kiosk sign ups and much more. One of the greatest benefits is the database you will build so you can easily re-market to your customers in the future. We also offer mobile websites at an affordable price. Most importantly, every mobile promotion you launch has a measurable "Return on Investment".


FourOFive also offers mobile websites custom built for your business.